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Sri Murugan Temple

  Palani Andavar koil street, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu - 600 026.
  Open from 5.00 a.m to 12.30 p.m and 4.00 p.m to 9.00 p.m

Sri Murugan Temple

About the Temple

Vadapalani Andavar Temple main deity is Lord Murugan. This temple was built in 1890, 19th century. The temple was renovated in 1920 and Rajagopuram was built during the period. The temple is located in Vadapalani, Kodambakkam. The entrance to the temple has a Rajagopuram with several stucco representing legends from the Skanda Purana. The temple has a big tank in the eastern side.

The specialty of Lord Murugan is seen wearing footwear. There is a separate Sanadhi for Angaran. There is also a golden chariot for the lord in this temple. The moolavar is in standing posture resembling Palani Lord Murugan. The inner architecture house is been kept with Dakshina Murti, Chandikeswar, Mahalakshmi. It is one of the most frequented Murugan temple in Chennai.

Sri Murugan Temple

Temple History

The Vadapalani temple was built in late 19th century. It all began with Annasamy Naicker, a staunch devotee who with faith in the lord’s powers built a small thatched hut, placed a painted picture of Lord Murugan and began worshipping it religiously everyday. The story goes that once, Annasamy Naicker had chronic stomach ache that he couldn’t find cure to. He travelled wide and far visiting sacred temples of Lord Muruga in spite of very limited to no transport facilities from Thiruthani, Thiruporur braving the rains , the cyclones and thieves on the roads. One day a Sadhu appeared in Annasamy Naicker’s dreams and said when Murugan is right in your house why do you go in search of him all over? He work up with a start, returned home and shared the story with his family and began worshipping the lord with fervent sincerity. With that his daily Pooja routine continued twice everyday in his very home. One day, on the word of a Palani Sadhu he met, Annasamy Naicker offered his tongue at the Thiruthani temple. That put an end to his ailments.

One day when he pursued on his dream trip to the Southern Pazhaniyathra, as he returned after his Darshan of the Dandayuthapani, while descending the steps, a beautiful picture of lord Murugan grabbed his eyes. He was mesmerized by it. He considered it a priceless possession and brought it home to Chennai. He placed it in his home and put a thatched roof over it. He asked his family to shift elsewhere and considered it the very sacred aboard, the Palani. he started solving the problems of others by his “Arul Vaakku” during pooja. He is also known as Pavadam since he offered his tongue to Lord Muruga and took the Pavadam.

STHALA PURANAM (The Legend about the Temple) :

Chettiyar began the work the very next day. He made arrangements for the Palaniandavar’s sacred idol while Annamasami stood by all the works that followed towards building of the Vadapalani temple. The construction went on in full swing. The Karuvarai was constructed using bricks and cements near the then ‘Kuri Medai’ or the place where Annamasami used to solve the problems of others while in his trance. This is approximately said to have been in A.D 1865. At this juncture, one day, in the month of Avani, Ammavasai Thithi, Maga Nakshatram Annasami Thambiran attained spiritual abode.

One day, Annasami Thambiran appeared in Rathinasamy Chettiya’s dream and requested him to dress like himself. Abiding by which, Rathinasamy did the same on an Adikiruthikai day. From the next Kiruthikai onwards, Rathinasamy Chettiar was blessed with divine powers and started to solve problems of others just as Annasami in a state of frenzied trance. In few days, the temple construction was successfully completed as per Annasami’s desire. Palaniandavar’s statue was placed and the Kumbabishekam took place in all this grandeur. The offerings of the devotees whose problems Rathinasamy solved was used for the temple’s proceedings and Poojas. After Kumbabishekam, Rathinasamy Chettiyar requested everyone to call the Kodambakkam ‘Kurimedai’ as Vadapalani Lord’s temple. The temple’s popularity rose in Chennai. In 1886, Margazhi month, Sashta day, Sathaya Nakshtatra, Sri Rathisasamy Thamiran attained spiritual abode.


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